Overland Park, KS


Chiropractic Care in Overland Park, KS

Receiving chiropractic care may be the easiest way to reduce your pain and improve your overall quality of life. If you'd like to set up an appointment with a professional in Overland Park, KS, consider the office of Charles E. Emms, DC because we have flexible hours that respect busy schedules. Our facility has parking with a handicap entrance so that you can easily get in and out.

Personalized Therapeutic Treatments

We'll do our best to diagnose health issues that develop within your nervous system. If you turn to us for care, we'll use our skilled hands while working to improve the flow of nutrients and lymph throughout your body. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff would be happy to discuss the potential benefits of any treatments we recommend. During your time with us, we'll listen to your feedback and refine our services in accordance with your recovery.

When you visit the office of Charles E. Emms, DC, you'll receive chiropractic care from a professional with more than 20 years of experience. For your appointment here in Overland Park, call today.